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  1. Bob says:

    Egucation is the key to helping people eliminate prejudices

  2. Cammie says:

    Thank you for offering this nonintrusive way of finding out more about Islam without fear of offending any Muslim I meet. I teach 7th grade Social Studies and value getting my information concerning the Middle East and the three major religions from authenic believers rather that depending on books alone. Once I had a traditional Muslim family: father, mother, and baby come speak to my students about their Islamic faith in 2007. (They moved away concerning employment shortly after their presentation.)I must say that experience had a very positive affect on teaching my students to be tolerant and respectful of other’s belief. The father that came said he was apprehensive about coming to share his faith especially since 9/11, but my students’ comments were very positive and he felt it was very worthwhile.

    I am a Christian and have a strong faith in Jesus Christ, the Messiah. I have no interest in becoming a follower of Islam, but I do have a deep desire to understand and stand up for other believers’ faith in the One True God. I also want to learn more about the Jewish faith as well so I can be a better teacher. I do believe we worship the same God, and since I do not have all the answers, I will leave it to God to sort out all of the details of the next life.

    • Haleema says:

      Thank you for sharing that story. I just wanted to let you know firstly that you are more than welcome to become Muslim at your own will. I say that because some non-Muslims say they wont embrace Islam because no one ever invited them to.

      The Bible gives you some answers on how to live your life and as Muslims we believe in the Bible as the word of God and embrace it and the Noble Prophet Jesus Peace be upon him. However I just wanted to make you aware Islam has an answer to every single question you may have about life from how to conduct business, to how you should treat your spouse, to how to properly cleanse your body, to what events you should expect to take place as soon as your soul leaves your body.

      You mentioned you would leave God to sort out the details of the next life, but actually he already has =.) There is a step by step account of what happens after you die, what happens in the grave, and specific details about judgement day and heaven and hell. So I invite you to learn more and I can guarantee that Islam has the answer to Any and Every question you may have. I wish you well on your life journey =)

  3. Tina Middleton says:

    Thank u

  4. abu bakr says:

    i love why islam

  5. I learned a lot from this article, great help for me, thank you!

  6. Jason says:

    Very nice, i suggest webmaster can set up a forum, so that we can talk and communicate.

  7. Eric Christopherson says:

    One of the most profound witness to Allah and Islam to me has been the courage and sincerity of Muslim women to simply be who they are, and part of this identity is hijab. In a world of indecent exposure, lust, and glorification of fornication and adultery by the media, i admire Muslim sisters for pointing others to a different path, inwardly and outwardly. Am thankful that many Muslim sisters are not afraid or ashamed to honor Allah in this way, whether in urban or rural areas here in the United States.

  8. apepa says:

    is this all free

  9. Daniella Giordano says:

    As Salam Alaikom my Dear brothers and sisters, When I was 19 years old I read a marvelous book titled “Introduction to Islamic Beliefs”, it was so clear, so interesting that I said to myself…”One day I will become a muslim” Very few people knew Islam in my country, even today there are around 3,000 from 21,000,000, and in my city of 24,000 inhabitants there are only 2, one of them is me. I reverted to islam one year ago. The only woman wearing a hejab in my city. Some people gaze at me, others stop and ask me why I wear this. I realized I had to study and learn many things about this marvelous islam so that I could be prepared to teach others about it. So I started studying at Islamic online University, although English is my second language. The brochures about specific topics are a wonderful resource for sharing with others islam teachings. They can be read quietly at home, the printings and colours are wonderful and the texts are interesting. Let me say “Congratulations!” to you. May Allah subhannahu wa ta’ala reward each and every person working at ICNA, and help brothers and sisters use this resources wisely to help educate citizens from all over the world to learn, appreciate and love Islam, light of nations, light of Earth, light of Universe. Best regards from Chile.

    • oomar says:

      Asalm,BIG effort you are doing sister ..mat Allah s.w.a bless U,there are many conversion around ,may b they do it secretly,but seeing with HIJAB,insha-Allah you will get many approach,i myself in the indian ocean island,population of 1,3 millions ..there r soooo many convert ALhamdlah…courage we are here ALL to back you ASaLAm……

  10. abc says:

    Assalam alaikum
    This is great work you are doing MA but when one looks up the website, there is no introduction to WhyIslam,Who you are,What you do..nothing absolutely. Please look into it.
    Jazakumullahu khairan

    • Admin says:

      Dear abc, usually the info about the website owner or company is on the footer of the website. Click on About Us at the bottom of any page and you’ll find all the info you need about WhyIslam.


  11. shahulhameed says:

    assalamu alaikum,
    i would appreciate the work done on this site as this is a good platform to spread the religion of islam by offering islamic literature free of charge. It would be better if more literature like hadith books are also included because that will make the reader understand the religion completely,

  12. Assalamualikum warahamatullahi wabarakatahu.
    My name Muhammad Kamran Ahmad Salafi.
    I am preacher of islam in India Alhamdulillah.
    So can you please send me islamic books and Quran.
    {Surah Al Imran 3 Ayat 110}.

    You are the best nation produced [as an example] for mankind. You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah. If only the People of the Scripture had believed, it would have been better for them. Among them are believers, but most of them are defiantly disobedient.

  13. Asiya Nouretdinova says:

    Jazakullah khairun! May Allah reward you greatly both in this life and more importantly on the Day of Judgement and Hereafter. Ameen.

  14. Assalamu alaikum! Mashallah, brat…delaesh prekrasnoe delo v eti svyatie dni nashei veri. Pust' Allah SWT ukrepit tebya i dast bodrosti. U menya est knigi kotorie mogy pojertvovat Fi sabilillah.

  15. Rania Younes says:

    Go to
    http://Www.whyislam.org/bazaar. You can order multiple copies there inshallah

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